The Best Rice Cooker Brand I’ve Ever Used

I run a cafeteria serving a mining company that has men with huge appetites, most of them love the rice that I make with small herbs i can’t tell you here, but all i can say is it has made me famous in my community. I used to cook the rice with firewood but since my clientele grew i started testing out faster and cheaper ways to make good rice. Then i bumped into the Tiger rice cooker, never before had i made rice that tests so good and comes out as single grains that gets my customers asking for more.

Tiger rice cooker

It’s ability to keep the rice in the best serving temperature for over ten hours meant i could make every customer feel like each plate had been made specifically for them, just as if they were eating a meal made by their mom at home. Personally, it is the best rice cooker anyone looking for perfection can ever buy. If i can feed huge men, miners for that sake, to their fill with rice from my rice cooker, a tiger, imagine the fun you will have of seeing your family well fed from one cooking session.

Me cooking rice

I’ve since bought 5 rice cookers and they make me smile every time my customer comments on how tasty the rice is. No steel pot can make 10 cups of rice and have the top grains melting on the tongue just as every grain in the base of the pot, but with the Tiger rice cooker, it is something i have come to take for granted. A lot of rice cooker reviews will suggest other brands, saying a lot of reasons, but if my experience of serving up to 500 mouths two meals each every day have proven anything, it’s that the choice i made is the best.